pretty little things...

thrift find - $3.50

thrift find - $7

ally- $25

australis- ???

thrift find- $5

dotti - $5

friday i...

went to gold class with j. watched robin hood and enjoyed the movie immensely.

i wore...

pants- thrifted from 2002
singlet- bonds



  1. just and observation, no black?? You always buy black. I must say I LOVE this injection of colour for your wardrobe especially the magents shirt!

  2. you could've easily pulled those shoes off (: i love them. hopefully by the time i get paid, they'll be on sale here. if not, looks like i'll be pulling a winona ryder. ha.

    love the new buys and your outfit. is that the pink lipstick you told me about? it looks so pretty!

  3. 3rd top is super cute! come follow me http://www.fashioniceice.blogspot.com xo


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