i have photos!!!!

many hours and late nights at work was spent correcting and sifting through all my ugly facial expressions to narrow down my wedding photos to 710 images... yes you heard right! now i know what our clients must have to go through and they get over 1000!!!
anyways here are some of my favourites... hope you like them. :)



  1. These photos look amazing! What a magical wedding indeed! I love the dress! The roses go so perfectly with them! Yes I do love your photos! :)

  2. beautiful photos. you looked stunning! love the dresses too x

  3. You look so beautiful, I can't describe the feeling of how stunning these pictures are. I love the picture where you and J are wiping away your tears, it's beautiful.

  4. Oh my goodness! Is this you?! How utterly gorgeous. And thank you for your comment. How funny because I read Hating Alison Ashley when I was in school too and loved it. Did you ever see the movie with Delta Goodrem?


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