this movie was nail biting, edge of your seat brilliant....
my favourite character= 'gambit' played by taylor kitsch

went out to brunch with the girls. after ordering we waited a good 45min before getting our meals. to apologise for the poor service we were given the meals for free.

pants-valley girl
top-cotton on

while out emma and i decided to do a little window shopping. she thought i should buy a pair of these harem pants from bardot. my issue is, i know for a fact that these are just one of those fads that will last a season and never return. so.... do i go for the really nice, beautifully made $70 pair from bardot or the cotton/synthetic version from supre. some help and input would be great.

shoes by coochi and my very first pair of leggings with this foot thing from valley girl...
(please note that the legs shown in the above photo are not mine. my legs are not as nice, slim nor long..)


  1. Gotta love those free meals aye! I was going to buy those pants from Supre and I tried them on but the boyfriend said I looked a little bit odd, I simple told him I could of worn heels with them but he did not budge, so back they went on the racks.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes :) Haaa I thought it was a big change for my boring life, to aim high and go out and have fun.

  2. I love the shoes!

    I'd probably go for the Bardot pair. I know they're $40 more expensive, but they look less harem-like than the Supre pair, so then when they become out of fashion you can still wear them and keep them fashionable (: I have no idea if that made sense. hahaha.


  3. I like the Bardot ones better, much better shape. I dont think it matters if they go out of fashion next season, they are individual and I think it only matters what you wear with them.

  4. love the shoes.

    I say the Bardot ones. The supre ones aren't as comfy. I found that out the hard way.

  5. I am indeed back, and hopefully with more pictures and posts :)
    I can say the same for you aswell :) I love these shoes, I want now! I recently bought some harem pants, £10 pound ones from a little shop in town and £32 ones from urban outfitters, I can say I will be paying my mum back for an eternaty (I don't think I spelt that right)
    Anyway enough of me babbeling on :)

  6. Ahhh, I love the shoes and the leggings... and the Bardot, oh yeah... Love them too! xxx

  7. wow! the Bardot looks great!
    and the shoes as well.
    great blog!


  8. Get the Supre ones! They're cute, and they look comfy, so when the fad's over you can wear them around the house.

  9. Yeah I think its worth it, the cheaper ones are shorter and black and the more expenssive ones are the longest and navy, sort of the best of both worlds :)

    Im teaming them with glads and vest tops, cardies and blazers :) You?

  10. drop crotch are the most comfy pants everr!!! try the pair from American Apparel! soooooo comfy!

  11. I'd go with the cheap pair, harem pants are a trend that will probably be out soon.
    And no.. I didn't go inside but I really want to. Its like secret school property, I wouldn't want to get expelled. Plus.. I'm pretty sure its empty

  12. cute stuff, love those shoes! x

  13. Hmmm surprisingly I actually enjoy the aesthetics of the Supre pair better than that of the Bardot one lol. I would go for the former if you'd like to indulge int this trend. And who say s it won't last till the next season? lol. Rock them as long as you'd like! ;)

    Hope you've been well hun. Its been a while :*(


  14. your style is great, congratulations

  15. love the valley girl tights !

  16. because this look is trendy, id say opt for the less expensive pair. BUT, theyre so versatile and comfy, im sure, that you might want to invest!! it could be worth it

  17. I'm not actually a fan of harem pants.. And I feel like they're very limited in their audience so I'd go for the Bardot because I feel like they're more long lasting but if you like harem pants I'd buy the Supre.

  18. hey darlin, i use a canon rebel, it's a dream.
    And no tripod for me, I prop it on a stool, book, box, whatever.
    It's all about test shots and patience, then you become a pro at it x

  19. I can't wait to see that movie. I always like X-Men and there's no doubt Wolverine is a really important part of it. *

  20. In Mexico adobo is sort of like a barbecue sauce. I don't know what it's made out of-- I just eat it. = )

  21. i'm not gonna lie, i like the supre ones best.
    you know, karla from karlascloset had a great pair of grey harem harem pants from zara. you should look into those. they were in her first picture/second picture in paris while she was on the balcony.

  22. i like the bardot pair. i was a little hesitant buying a pair too, but i have 2 and i LOVE them

  23. I am loving the "valley girl" pants- all the way "in-love", I used to wear them all the time in the late 80's, I wonder if they were called baloon pants then?


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