in photos....

6:30pm friday night...
j and i went to sandgate to watch a WW2 tribute band. they were good but not as good as 'the andrew sisters' cover band that followed. if only i could sing i would love to join a vocal group like this one....

check out this little clip i was able to capture of the trio before i was told to move out of the way...
i apologise for the poor quality of my video.

5:00am saturday morning...
we headed down to cleveland to watch the dawn service. this year over 2000 people came and it was just magical.

3:00pm saturday...
met up with family and friends for a quick catch up and afternoon tea at the park.
my gift to the kids (bubble makers) was a great success.

yet another vest, shoes and more shoes....
i hope next weekend will be just as eventfull.


  1. yay first to comment. Go me!!
    I love the band, they sound so sweet and I just love what their wearing. Ahh I've never been to the morning service, I try so hard and I wanted to this time but I wasn't in town, my Grandfather never goes either lazy bum he is! haaaa I love the buys :)
    Have I ever told you that I really like how you do your pictures? did you make the Polaroids yourself? ahh your so organised love.

    Talk to you very very soon


  2. Aww, how cute with the bubble maker, I like the sandles, I have quite a freakish obbsesion with them :)(I cannot spell to save my life!) Thanks for the comment, I think I will have mixtures of photos, big & small ox

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  4. hey sweety :)
    No your not missing anything at all, I just made a Flickr account on my needs so I was just saying that it's a pain in the ass when I was uploading photos from the trip on there then again putting them onto my post from my computer because then I had to change the size etc..

    Thanks for the comment aye love, I'm just in a little pickle because I have no idea about my other blog, maybe I should just transfer it onto my other one. Anyways enough riff raff, I should post a happier entry :)


  5. the band looks fabulous!! i would love to be in one like that!

  6. Whoa, how did I not see this entry?!

    I think it would be pretty cool being in a band like that too. Love the shoes & the vest!

    One thing I realised about the mascara last night, is that it's not waterproof like it says. :( But it still does the job of making my lashes look longer. I hope you like it too! x

  7. Ooooooh I love your recent buys, especially the brown sandals!


  8. nice pics! and your I love thoes shoes of yours :--D


  9. Hey hey, I just started my blog actually. Will write more about the Philippines just for you.


    <3 Erika


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