mothers day

a big star trek fan from when she was young, we decided to shout j's mum gold class tickets to the new movie. the experience like always was memorable. i mean how often do you get to sit in comfortable recliners and get served ice cream sundaes, cheese platters, lemon tarts and alcohol while watching a movie. unfortunately the movie itself was a little unenjoyable for me. kind of had 3 micro sleeps in the middle of it.
my favourite character=sulu played by john cho. he was funny and most importantly he kicked ass...

stockings-big w
top-valley girl

woke up early to make my mum a special mothers day card.
with it i gave her a necklace i bought from the markets and gave her some money to put towards a winter coat.
i also took her out to lunch. i was thinking high tea in the city but she wanted KFC so yeah... KFC nothing special but it was her day so i played along. now, she loves going to second hand shops and so we spent majority of the day looking through unwanted treasures. i bought for her a couple of hats; nothing for myself...
black harem pants-OTM
necklace-big w
singlet- bonds

mothers day was exhausting... see the bags under my eyes after the two days were over...
but hey, i would do anything and everything for the ones i love. even if it means spending 2 hours watching a movie that you don't like ;)

grey shirt by sass
harem pants by OTM
belt by dotti


  1. you found different harem pants, i see (: i love the outfits, especially the polka dot skirt. oh how our mother's got spoilt! x

  2. hey you got the pants! nice (:
    I read your 'About Me' section and it kind of reminded me of..me. LOL like everything you said, lol, wow wouldn't we make a good team haaa.


  3. haha you're too sweet. I look ghastly but a ghastly that I'm happy broadcating myself in the blogosphere for lol. Can you not see those horrid bags missy? haha

    You look a darl and so sweet top have treated your mother like that but shes' totally worth it. They all are :D

    Sweet dreams babe.


  4. No its just sort of srunched on the back of my head with a clip, I was tired and needed to post something quick! Indeed I have worn them and the same dor you, looks great :) Cute shoes

  5. Love the shoes and the hareem pants, I need to get a pair soon but I don't think I'm tall enough to pull them off :/
    Really like your blog and your pictures look so pretty :)

  6. you are gorgeous,loving your recent buys and hope you had a lovely mums day!
    muah x

  7. Ah, so you are a trekie fan.. huh? I love all your recent buys, especially the shoes- how has your week been so far?

  8. I love the buys, I just bought harem pants myself and refuse to take them off.

  9. you and your mom are gorgy. love the polka dot skirt outfit. so chic.

  10. I love those puffed sleeves! And those black bow shoes are divine-- they remind me of tap shoes.
    What a good daughter you!

  11. OH MY GOD star trek. i'm obsessed.

    ps looove the harem pants.


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