day 5

the last day of my holidays... so what did i get up to?

1. being the last day i was kind of tired and wanted to stay home. however, upon thinking things through i realised that officially my holidays are over, but i do have 2 more days (sunday and monday my weekend equivalent) to recuperate and stay at home. so with this in mind my partner and i decided to go out and watch a movie.... i wore my supre skirt 2007 and bonds t-shirt.

2. both comic book lovers (can anybody say geek) we decided to go and see 'watchmen'. it was an interesting movie but i am still a little undecided as to whether or not i liked it. the special effect was great and a lot of action was to be had, but again there wasn't enough to quench my thirst... something was missing...

3. seeing as though we were out and about i decided to stay back at the mall to shop around for birthday gifts. i couldn't find anything for my partners upcoming birthday, but on the plus side i did find the outfit i will be wearing to his dinner party...

i did also find a gift for his sisters birthday. a compact mirror from oroton... i have always loved this signature design, and i was this close to keeping it for myself... but i didn't.... i do have self control you know... :)

until next time... xoxoxo


  1. Oh yay, my computer is letting me reply to your comment today (: It wouldn't last time I tried!

    Yeah, because my school has some teachers that are trained TAFE teachers, our school has a budget that pays for most student's courses. Only Hospitality, Hair & Beauty, Retail, Mechanics & Agriculture though. It kinda sucks that what I plan on doing (Youth Work) isn't included. Haha.

    That compact is so classic and lovely. Love your outfit! x

  2. Your outfit is amazing!
    It fits you so well:)

  3. I adore that skirt, and you look so glamorous in the red dress from the post below!

  4. adela... thank you

    ali... grrrrr.... i hate that my blog does that!!!

    catrina... thanks for following

    andrea... thank you. the dress is one of my favourites.

  5. Wooow that supre skirt is totally cool!! =) love the buttons down the front. Haha and congrats on exercising that self control! XD god knows it'd be hard for me to do the same haha


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