shoe sale!!!!

went to the vintage fair with my friend emma...

sometimes at these places i tend to be a little picky because of the price and often come out with nothing, this day was one of them. the highlight of the day was an armadillo bag.


after... poor little armadillo...

skirt = ice
singlet = thrifted

before heading home my friend surprised me with a little gift
from her shop.
it now sits on my window sill and every day it makes me smile.


dress = ice



most of the day was spent watching old episodes of sex and the city followed

by an afternoon of window shopping.
and thank god i did!!!
found these tony bianco shoes at myer. to my surprise the already discounted
shoes were a further 75% off. i nearly kissed the shop assistant.
$120 down to $89 further discounted down to $22...

i love shoe sales...

i am hoping to catch more bargains on the weekend.
wish me luck!


  1. wow that armadillo bag is really intense!!

  2. poor armadillo... it's corpse made a cute bag though
    and I want to find beautiful 22$ shoes, I'm so jealous

  3. The armadillo before and after made me laugh out loud. Truly. Kurt said, "What are you laughing at?"
    That black and white dress is divine. And don't you just love deep discounts?! You feel as if you're saving money even though you're spending it. Lovely.

  4. the armadillo before & after made me laugh too (: $120 down to $22 - best bargain! x

  5. O M G! only $22? damn that must of been a miracle. Every time I go to Myers and see the shoes on sale it's always already marked down to at least $100 ><
    Haaa why thank you for comment. Yeahs I could of been a bitch and left the dress on but it is her day so wanted her to be happy. I just couldn't quite put my finger on how she bought a $100 dress from Forever New =/ and she's like super rich so that bums me out. hahaha

  6. madeline... tell me about it. i just didn't know they did that.

    lea... trust me i never find sales as good as this one, i was just lucky.

    andrea... shops knows how to play the game. they are so evil.

    ali... you should check it out, i think they are having the sale ont till the end of the week at any myer store.

    michelle...i know kind of strange huh. i plan not to spend that much on a dress for my wedding day, i know the economy is bad at the moment but seriously $100! she could have done better than that on her wedding day.

  7. Lovely Polaroids, darling!

    Btw, am having a contest on my blog today so be sure to pop by and enter!


  8. poor animal:( lovely shoes...and a vintage fair sounds great

  9. I've been looking around your blog and you have such a cool style :)

  10. ooo good finds! that bag is cute, poor armadillo =(

  11. yeah, valleygirl has a lot of unflattering cuts and uncomfortable materials as well. i love their accessories though.

    i've bought items from ebay about 15 times & nothing has gone wrong so far (: you just look at their feeback & if the pecentage is near 100% (i only buy if it says over 96% because i'm paranoid!), then i consider them honest sellers. you just have to become really familiar with the item you're buying, so you can tell if it's fake or not. usually people will warn you in the seller's feedback, if they've noticed they sell faux items.


  12. Hey love,
    how are you??

    Sorry but I wont be exploring the blogger world for a while due to some hacker got into my email account and changed all my passwords, thats why people can't open my other two blogs. But the other blog can be open and it's really old so I left a little comment on there if you would like to know what happened.

    Talk to you very soon. Hope your feeling very lovely,



    with a big smile but a little dissapointed my post's are gone.. ><

  14. gorgeous shoes, and only $22!! wow!

  15. that armadillo bag is kinda scary! cute outfits :)

  16. Wow... that armadillo bag before and after. Poor animal :((
    But the rest of your pics rock! :)

  17. hey everyone... thanks for the comments. i think we have evolved as people now a days and don't hunt down poor armadillos for fashionable use.... well i hope.

    michelle... i am so glad you have sorted it out. but now you have got me all paranoid.

  18. Oh the dress is absolutely lovely. *

  19. gd luck haha :D and really.. poor amadilo :( x

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