the village markets

what i did today:

1. emma warned me that the village markets were small, but still curiosity got the better of me. so my partner and i drove down to the gold coast to check out the hand full of stalls that were there. they were great stalls that sold beautiful vintage clothes and shoes, but sadly money is an issue this month with birthdays just around the corner. i did however grab this bow necklace by lovehearts designs. on the plus side, the markets gave me great ideas and i cant wait to finally have my sewing machine off layby so i can get started on all these projects i have been wanting to do.

now, may i say that the gold coast is a strange place. never have i seen so many beautiful, athletic, half naked people in the one area. looking around i saw many smiling faces without a care in the world and to be honest it made me feel a little apprehensive... where were all the jaded people in black? i wondered.

2. after leaving the markets earlier than expected i decided to hit the shops and grabbed a few bargains.

the shorts were bought for a trip to the beach. unfortunately, my friend had a change of heart and we are now meeting on dry land for a coffee instead. kind of disappointed because i was really looking forward to visiting where i grew up. i guess i should forgive her, she is after all very pregnant :P.

3. wore my dotti vest, mens bonds singlet worn as a dress, tiffany necklace, diva rings and esprit bag

until next time xoxox


  1. i love the necklaces (:

  2. hey, love the outfit! you can cross the black vest off your wish list then? I new those bows were right up your alley!

  3. The bow necklace is so fab! And you look amazing!


  4. ali... thanks it was a gift from my boy a couple of years back.

    emma... no this black vest i have had for a while, it is backless which doesn't suit some outfits so i am still in the look out for another. j hates the bows...

    cc... i love the bow despite what my partner says. and thank you. :)

  5. oh that sounds like a wonderous job! my friend is definitely talented :)

    thanx for the comment!

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  7. Ah you know here in Perth you don't get Flea Markets just little swap meats wich is still cool but you don't really find the things you are looking for. I love those ties they are real cute! And I love your outfit in the last picture *whistles*
    ahhh THANK YOU! for showing me how to do that comment thing, it really was simple in the end *silly me*

    have a great day love x

  8. No I havent forgotten about the next fair on the 29th, I have it in my diary and my phone, really looking forward to it!

  9. i love big beaded bracelets & necklaces :]

    haha, i thought the whole lesbian thing was a loooong publicity stunt. she looked pretty with darker hair, i think. i can't remember now :/ x

  10. Very cute outfit. I love the vest, and the necklace you bought is adorable!

  11. i super love your blog.

    great pictures, great outfits, great eye candy. consider yourself followed.


    hope you check me out: da-da-diana.blogspot.com

    see you soon, lovely!

  12. connie... not that great can be a little borring after a while.

    mickhelle... not a problem glad to be of help.

    ali... everything with here is a long publicity stunt.

    andrea... thanks :) the necklace remind me of giant fish oil tablets.

    diana... thank you following your blog now too.

  13. I love your necklace.. I sure do = )

  14. looking lovely as usual! i think i will have to check out that myspace address because that necklace is gorgeous!

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