day 3

what i did today:

1. spent most of the morning in bed... my partners teeth were bleeding profusely last night so we went to the hospital to check on his stitches and we didn't get home until midnight. not to worry he is fine...

when i did get enough energy to get up out of bed i finished sewing my skirt. i don't think i did that badly considering i didn't have a pattern to work from and made things up along the way. now that i have the right measurements i will be making a black pair to wear out and about. i am enjoying making things immensely and the best part is that it keeps me occupied ...

2. wore my black singlet and skirt from target...

3. eager to start on my black skirt, i drove to spotlight to grab my supplies. no doubt i will be starting on this project tomorrow some time. :)

4. went to the shops and bought this top/dress from supre... they are having a sale and i couldn't resist this bargain...

5. now at home with a cup of tea and watching a movie with my partner... 15 minutes into it and there is very little about this movie that is keeping me interested... hummm... might surf youtube.



  1. If Gabriel is the movie you were watching then I'm not surprised your interest dwindled. I watched the whole thing. It didn't get any better.

  2. Love your skirts - great work!


  3. P.S. Come visit CC tomorrow for a Stockingirl contest!

  4. that rose corsage is gorgeous

  5. I love the battern of the first skirt SO much!

  6. kim... we stoped the movie half way through. don't even know how it ended don't even care.

    cc... cant wait!

    penny... thanks penny!

    merily... thanks for visiting my blog :)


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