catch up...

i haven't posted in a while so i will try and keep this as short as possible....
what have i been up to:

went to the movies last week.... saw confessions of a shopaholic and loved it!
i laughed and cried and was probably the oldest person there. my favourite character was
suze played by krysten ritter...

bought a vest from ice

and wore it to my partners birthday dinner. we went to 'the german club' and ate ourselves silly.

sunday we had a family dinner celebrating 4 birthdays.... 4!!!! how ridiculous is that.
to this event i finally got to wear my dress from supre. still cant believe it was only $15

bought a singlet from general pants co. by wrangler

and today i wore it out to lunch with my mum.

but not least
the cute kate moss look alike 'ali' has given me a blog award...

thanks ali!!!!

The rules :
<-- 1. Put the logo on your blog or post.2. Nominate 'at least' 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

i pass this on to: bella, diana, kerby, michelle, lisanne, heart of pearl and andrea...


  1. love all the items, esp, the vest, a m a z i n g !:D

  2. What a fabulous vest + the party dress is amazing...beautiful color.

  3. the dress is very cute!
    thank you for the award :)

  4. Lovely looks! That vest is fab!

    And congrats on your award!


  5. thank you very much love ♥
    It's already posted up on my bar and I appreciate it a lot!
    Arghh I have a individual presentation in class tomorrow. Wish me luck !!


  6. You gave me an idea with your vest, i like it very much!
    I'm angry cause you've seen this movie :P

  7. suze was my favourite too (: she was hilarious. the dad dancing near the end made me laugh real hard too. haha. xo

  8. I cant believe you, you always have the same thoughts as me and beat me to them. I was only lusting over a vest the same in cream the other day.

  9. awwww... thank you lovely!

    i absolutely adore your vest! i'm going to link you on my bloggity blog.


  10. Thank you my dear! Your vest is adorable.

  11. i saw confessions of a shopaholic too not long ago, it made me want to go shopping and wear more colourful outfits!!!

  12. i loved shopaholic!!! it was so cute. so so so cute. it reminded me of old doris day movie.

  13. cute cute cute outfits. great blog!

  14. Thanks babe for the comment :)
    Omg I saw confessions of a shopaholic and thought it was hilarious! how's shes dancing with the fan? Haaa that cracked me up.

  15. cool pics. like the vest a lot.

  16. Sure missed you, you are looking fab as ever.. btw you, the oldest person there.. NAW...I can not wait for the movie to release here in Japan!

  17. Oh sweetie, I can't believe this... I wish I would have seen this earlier! Thank you soooo much for thinking of me!! You 're amazing!



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