day 2

what i did today:

1. wore one of my partners unwanted shirt that i made into a dress, wrist band from just jeans.

2. bought the next book from the twilight series, a little boring so far....

3. went out to lunch with my partner

3. drove my partner to the dentist.... poor guy had both of his wisdom teeth taken out.

i waited in the car due to the fact that i hate the dentists... it was raining...

i wasn't alone....

4. went home and made a bow necklace like the one by lovehearts designs....this is the back view...

here is the front.... its a little big...

will post a tutorial when i get the dimensions and materials exactly right... :)

until then xoxoxo


  1. oh poor mr j:( It must have been like his last supper!
    Love that bow, did you get the chain from spotties? They would make great gifts!

  2. I love the over-sized shirt/dress look, especially the cuff, though your home spun necklace is great too and looks so professional


  3. great blog and i love your bow necklace.

  4. laroux... thanks i think its the perfect way to hide all those bumps... and thanks, the necklace is cute but i am still learning and it is far away from looking professional.

    dooder city... thanks

  5. I think the necklace is cute! It kinda reminds me of old school Barbra Streisand, in a good way.
    Ouchie on the wisdom teeth. Just make sure he doesn't let them get infected, because that is crazy painful.

  6. I've got serious catching up to do! How could I miss so many gorgeous post's of yours. I love the red dress, it's soo cute!! I am currently trying to find little dresses now because the weather here in Perth is starting to reach it's 30's again =/ any ideas where to buy little dresses love?
    I love hog's breath! It's so cool in there aye? and the food is delicious. And that bow is absolutely cute!



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