something blue...

shoes - joanne mercer $100
day bag - esprit marked down to $50
vintage hat - thrift store $130
cotton singlets - just jeans 2 for $10
black dress - grace fashion $20

j's grandma came over today to drop off my something old, something borrowed something blue... i love the history behind these with at least 4 brides having borrowed them in the past for their own wedding.
sorry for the lack of posts... with only a week before the wedding i have been busy catching up with my work at the studio and then doing what i can to organise the wedding when i get home. on the plus side, made a lot of things for the wedding and have enjoyed creating them at the same time. i have started to post some of these projects on my other blog 'i made this'. check it out if you get the chance.
PS. the next time you hear from me i will no longer be a miss.... yay!


  1. Lovely pictures! That bag is to die for

  2. ooh i understand now (: thankyou! love the new buys, the hat is gorgeous. i bet you're counting down the days even more now! how exciting, soon-to-be mrs!

  3. Great post, the pictures are lovely, and the items are gorgeous!
    p.s - Thanks for the sweet sweet comment!


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