superstition got the better of me....

friday the 13th was mean to me this year... i know its been a couple of weeks now since friday the 13th but i think i needed time to just get over it before sharing this horrible day with you.

1st woke up and found myself running late for work
2nd had a flat battery in my car that had set me back $160
3rd thanks to the battery being flat i was 2hrs late for work
4th on the way home i was pulled over for speeding at a school zone. $200 in fines.
5th spent all night at my engagement party worrying about my family and their inability to have a good time.

i have always been a superstitious person, but now its ten fold. my wedding theme was black and white and now since the chain of bad luck im changing things a little and removing most of the black and replacing it with red. so no black shoes, no black and white roses... just red, red, red.

the engagement party at the german club was nice. so many people came, but as mentioned it was hard trying to please people.
here are some photos. :)

what else...

much still watching the money situation for the wedding and the honeymoon. did i mention we are going to japan? yahooooo!!!!

anyway, did manage to scrounge up enough money to go to the movies and watched the most romantic and lovely story ever... i recommend it to those who don't mind leaving the cinemas with mascara running down their face.



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  2. Awh I feel your pain, sometimes I have to get out of my way and comfort zone just to make other people comfortable and happy, but whats best is that in these pictures you've still kept a smile on and thats what a strong person does best!


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