hey shorty, its your birthday....

29 and feeling kind of old... but i had the best weekend.

saturday i spent it with mum to celebrate both our birthdays. took her out to lunch and she surprised me with a BIG my little pony. the story behind it is very special to me... when i was growing up we were so poor that she was only able to buy for me the simplest my little pony and even though it didn't compare to my friends collection of 10,
i treasured it just as so much.
so in memory of this, she decided to give me the ultimate my little pony... it sings, it moves and interacts..
my mum is so cute!

anyway, today i invited some friends and family over for a bbq... had so much food i felt sick. i think it went well despite the torrential rain that we had.

oh and the presents.... cant forget the presents!!!

from my friends c' and g'

from my family...

and last but not least... from my wonderful partner j'

but the best surprise ever was a trial for our wedding cupcakes. my friend c' is kind enough to help us out with it and let me say that it tasted and looked like heaven... she is the best ever!!!



    I'm sorry I missed it, I've been away. That's such a sweet gift from your mum. Happy new year! x

    awh I love My Little Pony!! thats so cute!
    I'm seriously loving your pictures, how do you take them with the white background and so clear? do you use a dslr? They seriously look so pro!

    Happy New Year btw, and hope all is well :D

  3. I loved My Little Pony! My cousin had one that opened up and had lip gloss inside. Not gonna lie... still kinda jealous.
    Funny story about wedding cupcakes. When my sister was getting married, she wanted cupcakes, but her mother-in-law said no, cupcakes "don't say commitment". Because apparently your desserts are supposed to make a statements.
    So my sister had a small cake and cupcakes, and after the wedding, my sister's sister-in-law wrapped it all up, took it home AND ATE IT! Nobody told her she could have it, she just took it and ate it. Hilarious.
    P.S. Happy Birthday!


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